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Should You Choose Hardwired Fire Alarms Or Battery-Powered Fire Alarms?

A fire can break out regardless of what time of day it is. To reduce significant damage and loss in a home or commercial building, it is recommended that a fire alarm be installed in each bedroom. Now, there are two different primary types of fire alarms that can be installed in your home to secure your safety. These two types of fire alarms are the hardwired fire alarm and the battery-powered fire alarm. So, which one should you have installed in your home? Keep reading for a brief overview of the differences so you can make an informed decision for your residence.


In regard to the installation process, a wired fire alarm will require more effort than a battery-operated one. A wired fire alarm must be connected directly to the power supply of your home in order to be functional and will likely require electrical expertise to be installed properly. A battery-operated alarm, however, can easily be installed with little to no expertise, and it only takes a few minutes to install each one in the desired spaces.


For battery-operated fire alarms, the main type of maintenance that you need to worry about is replacing the batteries every so often. This is important to ensure that the alarms don't malfunction. As for the wired fire alarms, the power to the alarm will need to be switched before any kind of maintenance work is performed. In addition, you will need to have a professional inspect the wiring to ensure it is up to code and in good condition.


It is impossible to connect multiple battery-operated fire alarms together. These types of fire alarms are stand-alone devices that are unable to supply power to other devices. However, it is possible to interconnect hardwired fire alarms. In the event that one fire alarm fails, the other ones will be triggered. In the event of a fire, the interconnection of the fire alarms will save those precious moments, since the sensor will ensure that all fire alarms are sounded simultaneously.


Because hardwired fire alarms are directly connected to a power supply, they are far more dependable than battery-powered fire alarms. As soon as the alarm sounds, it will not stop until it is physically turned off. In the event that the power is interrupted, there is a battery backup so that it is still fully operational. A battery-powered fire alarm relies solely on batteries. If the batteries get weak, the operation of the fire alarm is dull. The length of time that the alarm sounds in the event of a fire will heavily depend on the amount of battery life that remains.

Each type of fire alarm has its pros and cons, but if you would like a reliable option for your home, then it is recommended to have a hardwired fire alarm system installed. To get help with a wired fire alarm device installation, contact a professional in your area.