Your Questions Answered About Wireless Security Systems

Fire Alarm Upgrades To Increase Building Safety

A standard smoke alarm will detect smoke and use loud alarms to alert anyone in the nearby area. While the smoke alarm is usually reliable, you can increase the safety measures in any building with fire alarm upgrades. The upgrades will enhance the features and give you more accurate information when a dangerous situation occurs.

Heat Sensors

While basic fire detectors rely on the presence of smoke to go off, you can take fire security one step further with heat sensors. The heat sensors will detect unusually warm temperatures. In some cases, a large fire could have soaring flames with minimal smoke.

The second sensors will help detect fires quicker and alert anyone in the building as soon as possible. The difference in time can help save lives and allows you to contact fire departments faster.

Power Connections

A wired connection offers direct power to a fire alarm system so you do not have to worry about constantly changing batteries or checking the battery level. The alarm still has a battery back-up in case the power goes out, providing the extra source of power.

When you do not have to constantly rely on the battery, the fire alarm will last longer and provide constant coverage.

Two-Stage Fire Alarms

If you install fire alarms with pull bars or buttons, you may want to consider a two-stage fire alarm system. To help prevent mass panic and an abundance of false alarms, the two-stage system allows you to take control of a situation. After an alarm has been pulled or pressed, the first stage will send building security or administrators a notice of the alarm.

If the alarm is deemed accurate, then the second stage begins and the alarm is set off through the whole building. The extended alarm will help warn individuals and prevent the whole building form clearing out over a false alarm.

Smart App Connections

In larger buildings, you want to know directly where a fire alarm is coming from. One way to help with this is through smart app connections. A fire alarm set-up on phones and tablets will showcase building designs and exactly where the alarm came from.

With the alarm indicator, you can focus on getting people out of the building from the source before the fire spreads. The location will also help coordinate the best escape route and help prevent any problems.

Look into one or more of the fire alarm upgrades as you seek installations for your building.