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Parents Getting Much Older? 2 Tips To Help Keep Them Safe In Their Home

If your parents are getting older, you may be starting to worry about their safety. If so, there are different things you can do to help keep them safe while they are in their home. Below are two of these things so you can start making these changes.

Install a Security System

A security system should be the first thing you add to your parents' home, as this can prove your parents with a lot of protection. Choose a system that a security company installs to ensure it is installed correctly. You can put sensors on all doors, windows, and anywhere else. If any of these things are broken into the alarm will go off. The security company will be notified immediately, and they will send authorities to your parents' home. 

Installing security lights is also another way to provide security. Lights that automatically come on when someone gets close to them will work best for your parents. This means, if an intruder walks up to the door to break in, the light will come on. This may cause the intruder to leave quickly before they are seen by anyone. 

A doorbell camera can also work well for your parents' home. The camera connects to Wi-Fi inside the home. These cameras have motion detection, so if someone gets within range of the camera, then the camera will automatically start recording. There are apps that connect to the doorbell camera that your parents can install on their smartphone. This will allow them to see who is at the door. The security company that you hire may offer doorbell cameras. 

Check Inside the Home

There are many things you should check inside your parents' home to keep them safe. First, check that are no trip hazards in the home, such as from electrical cords, ottomans, area rugs, and more.  

Install grab bars in your parents' bathroom to help them. These grab bars can help them get in and out of the shower, as well as sit down and stand up when using the toilet. You can purchase grab bars at home improvement stores and install them yourself. 

Purchase medical alert devices for your parents to wear while they are inside their home. These devices are worn like a necklace. A large button that is easy for your parents to access is on the device that they can push if they fall down or have some other type of accident. This will alert emergency assistance to come to your parents' home.

These two tips should help you feel better about your parents' safety. For more information about security system installation, contact a local service provider.