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3 Aspects Of A Good Access Control System

Access control is one of the key components of a good security system setup. It is the first line of defense against external threats. Access control systems have become standard security deployments in both commercial and residential properties. They come in different configurations, from simple high-security locks to sophisticated biometric access systems. There are some desirable aspects of an effective access control system, whether it is simple or sophisticated:

Comprehensive Coverage

The basic function of an access control system is to control the entry and exit of people in a specific space. Your access control system should cover all entry and exit points in a building. The questions the system should answer are:

The first question establishes access control authority levels. For example, members of the public are limited to lobbying; employees can only access their areas of work, while management can access all parts of the building.

The second question helps establish what's happening in different spaces in a building. It also helps establish traffic flow in the building. This information is very useful in identifying suspicious behavior. It can also help make more efficient use of other utilities like lighting and heating because they can be shut off in empty spaces.

Easy and Understandable Usage

An access control system should be simple for the people managing security and those using the access points. There should be a balance between convenience and security. Some of the considerations for easy usage include:

Web-based access control systems are growing more popular because they tick all these requirements. They offer all the benefits of a conventional card access control system plus the advantages of remote control and multi-access control.

Easy Integration

An access control system should integrate with other systems in a building. It should work with the video surveillance system for more seamless control of entry and exit points. It enables the security team to see who is coming and going and offers easier management of one-time visitors.

It should also work with heating and lighting systems to promote energy efficiency. The access control system can inform when to turn on or shut off these other systems.

Would you like to beef up security at your premises with better traffic control? Talk to a security systems installer about an access control system that suits your security needs.