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Are Your Smart Commercial Camera Systems Safe? 3 Effective Tips to Keep Hackers Away

Installing camera systems in your business is a great way to keep thieves away, catch any suspicious activities, and keep intruders at bay. Today, technology has led to the development of smart cameras that allow you to monitor your business activities from your phone, no matter where you are. But remotely accessing your commercial camera systems is only possible when they are connected to the internet.

Unfortunately, the internet connection makes your cameras vulnerable to online hacks. Once hackers get into your security feeds, they can use them for the wrong purposes. For this reason, it is crucial to have measures to protect your cameras from cyberattacks. Here are some professional tips to help you protect your commercial camera systems.

1. Create Unique and Strong Credentials for Each User

Many people don't understand how a strong username and password can help enhance their security. So, it is not uncommon to find people sticking with default passwords they use with most of their systems. However, these are classic examples of the typical passwords that hackers can use to access your CCTV feeds.

You can give hackers a hard time by creating a strong password for your camera system. Professionals recommend using numbers and symbols in your codes to make hacking even more challenging. Additionally, ensure all your security devices have a unique password.  

2. Get an Independent Network for Your Cameras

You should separate your data network and security camera network for various reasons. First off, commercial camera systems need a lot of bandwidth, and connecting them to your business network might slow your normal operations. Moreover, separate internet connections offer an added layer of security for your critical business information. This means that your data will be safe even if hackers manage to access your regular network.

3. Create a Two-Factor Authentication

Remember that your camera system's password is your first line of defense for preventing unwanted access. That is why your commercial camera systems need a strong password to protect them. You can take a step further by using two-factor authentication.

With this type of protection, you have to input a secret code sent to a second device before you can access your feeds. You can opt for the camera company to email, text, or call you to give you this passcode. As a result, even hackers who get your password will not get to the feeds unless they can also get this secret code.

It is important to understand your CCTV camera's weaknesses and counter them to keep your business safe. However, it is not easy to identify security breaches and put up the measures to prevent threats unless you are a professional. Fortunately, most security camera companies offer installation services and continuous maintenance to ensure no authorized individual accesses your business feeds.