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4 Modern Features To Look For When Purchasing Security Cameras

With the advancement of technology, security cameras now come with advanced features. If you are looking to make an upgrade, you might need to learn about some of the modern features integrated into the security cameras. The following are some key things to look forward to when reviewing modern security cameras in the market.

1. Two-Way Audio

Gone are the days when surveillance systems were only limited to viewing and recording events. Today, security cameras come with in-built speakers to enable communication. The system allows communication between one person in front of the camera and the other monitoring the video. These cameras are perfect for the doorbell. When someone rings the bell at your front door, you can ask them to leave the package or allow them to come into the house. You can also notify an intruder that they are being watched and law enforcement is on its way.

2. Motion Detectors

Another important feature often added to modern camera systems is motion sensors. The cameras start working after sensing oncoming motion. Rather than recording 24/7, which may give you a lot of work reviewing the recordings and use up storage quickly, the cameras switch on only after sensing motion.

The motion detectors will send an alert to your smartphone. You'll be able to see what is happening via the cameras remotely through your phone. If you aren't near your phone, the camera could start recording and allow you to take necessary action.

3. High Video Resolution

In the past, security cameras didn't have the best quality videos. It was tough to analyze clues caught on camera. Images and clues such as faces, tattoos, and registration numbers were difficult to see clearly due to low resolution. However, modern cameras now come with high-quality resolution. They also have fast refresh rates to help you see everything caught on camera. Be sure to ask your supplier about the camera resolution before purchasing.

4. Night Vision

Night vision is an impressive feature designed to help the camera see in the dark. Most of these cameras record black and white videos. They are good investments for commercial spaces that need 24-hour monitoring. Since the night vision cameras don't need lighting to see in the dark, you can hide and make them less obvious to capture relevant details.

The above are some interesting features in modern security cameras that you wouldn't want to miss out on. Make a list of preferred features you would like in security cameras and ask your supplier to get you the best depending on your needs and budget.

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