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Types Of Fire Alarm Systems You Should Install In Your Business

There are many dangers inside a commercial building including flooding, break ins, and fires. One thing you should do as part of your security measures is install a fire alarm system. This will keep yourself and your employees safe if there is a fire inside the building. There are different types of fire alarm systems you can choose from. Keep reading for more information about this. 

Automatic Fire Alarm System

You should consider installing an automatic fire alarm system as it will turn on immediately if it detects smoke or heat inside your building. This will alert employees that they need to get out of the building. The alarm sound is very loud so everyone should have no problem hearing it. Some systems also flash bright lights while the alarm system is going off.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

If you have a large building and will find it difficult to locate the location of some fires, you should install an addressable fire alarm. This type of fire alarm is more expensive but provides you with better protection. With this system, you can monitor the fire alarms in the building. If there is a fire in a certain location, the fire alarm goes off immediately in that location. This allows you to pinpoint exactly where the fire is coming from. This also helps the fire department to know where the fire is so they can put it out faster. 

Manual Fire Alarm System

If you have a very small building, a manual fire alarm system may work well. This is the traditional system where you pull a lever when there is a fire. An alarm will then go off inside the building. The alarm is housed in a glass housing that includes an axe for you to break the glass quickly. If you choose this type, install more than one, if needed, such as one in the main room of the building and one around the office area. This type of alarm system is the least expensive option. 

Alarm Monitoring

If you choose an automatic or addressable fire alarm system, you need to make sure it can send a signal to a local security company. This will allow them to contact authorities as soon as they receive the signal so fire department, ambulance, will arrive at your building even faster. This also means your building is protected even if your company is closed. 

Talk with the company you hire to install your new fire alarm system and they can suggest the best type for you to choose.  

For more information about fire alarm systems, contact a professional.