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3 Reasons To Upgrade Commercial Camera Systems With AI Technology

If you've been relying on the same commercial security system for years, then you do not have the newest technology and advancements in equipment. A commercial camera system with AI technology can vastly improve how you monitor retail areas and eliminate the need to scrub through hours of footage. 

As you consider an upgrade, learn how the advancements and progression in AI can make a huge difference in your retail business and the prevention of crime or theft on your retail property.

1. Higher Quality Footage

Camera lenses and computer processing has only gotten better through the years. An older system may only give you a vague idea of what someone looked like or what happened during a specific incident. With higher-quality footage, you can see details, zoom in on moments, and have a clear idea of what is happening inside your business.

AI technology can zoom in on specific motions and actions automatically to get the best possible views as incidents occur.

Access to the footage will improve with a new security system as well. Along with a stand-alone computer, you may have access to the footage through smartphone apps, tablets, and other wireless products. Even if you are away from the business, you have the opportunity to check in and view live footage along with archived footage.

2. Specific Motion Patterns

AI technology has programs to detect specific motion patterns within a business. For example, at a self-checkout station, an overhead camera with AI technology can detect items that move past the scanner but have not been scanned. You can receive instant alerts for these actions and investigate before a person leaves a store.

AI technology can also detect when merchandise has been moved and then abandoned at another part of a store. All of these motion patterns will help keep better track of your business without the constant need to have a body out on the retail floor.

3. Parking Lot Advancements

If you use cameras in your parking lot, then you can go through many advancements when you implement AI technology with a new security system. For example, AI technology can automatically scan license plates that pull into your parking lot.

With the license plate numbers, you can have valuable information if an incident occurs. For example, you could track any crashes or fender benders in a parking lot. You could also track someone's car after a possible theft or another incident.

Upgrade commercial systems with the new technology to make a big difference in the way you operate and protect your retail business.

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